Connect, Curate and Display Stunning Digital
Art Galleries Within Minutes


User-Friendly Interface

Register an account, import your collection, and curate galleries from your existing collections within minutes.

Cost-Effective Platform

Freemium model for new collectors and creators with premium access plans featuring more versatile display customization options.

Easy Collection Management

Sophisticated portfolio management tools to easily filter, find and showcase your favorite pieces.

Customizable Galleries

Use frames and wall displays designed by Cur8 to create visually stunning galleries that truly showcase your unique digital assets.

Access To Large Collections

Through Cur8's partnership with The Art Bank, users have access to a vast and diverse collection of art to display in their own galleries.

2D and 3D Viewing Experiences

The platform offers both 2D and 3D displays for a more immersive and interactive experience wherever you are connected.

Curating and Social Sharing

Cur8 will have a curating and social sharing feature that allows users to share their gallery with their friends and followers.